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Smart City Monitoring 

Transforming to a Smart City requires an implementation plan with milestones and continuous monitoring.

The process of transforming a city into a Smart City can be understood as a long-term process and runs through a variety of development stages. In order to control and consistently advance this process a Smart City Strategy (also known as a Roadmap, Master Plan or Future Development Strategy) is needed. 


Secondly, it is essential to determine a means of visualizing, measuring and controlling the development of the Smart City. This Circle is being developed in the Smart City Monitoring project in cooperation with the ARGE Monitoring and will be made available to cities and municipalities tailored to their specific needs.

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The Smart City Monitoring cycle enables a city, community or region to make step-by-step progress in the Smart City transformation process. Based on the specific vision of the respective Smart City, the fields of action are defined - ideally with the involvement of the residents. Development goals are defined for these fields of action and a target level is agreed upon that is to be achieved within an agreed time period. By defining suitable indicators, this achievement of objectives becomes measurable.


With a user-friendly monitoring system, several aspects of the municipal development of the Smart City transformation process are combined into one picture. This allows individual or several indicators to be measured in recurring cycles, i.e. the progress of development can be determined. After a few evaluations, a time series is obtained that provides reliable information on the extent to which the agreed improvements are progressing. This enables us to make corrections where necessary or to consistently utilize our strengths.

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