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Michael Hoppe




Mag.a Sonja Pitscheider


former Vice Mayor



Dr. Robert Trasser


Tyrolean brand management GmbH

Smart City Wil pursues an emotional and playful approach in order to win people over to Smart City. The jury was impressed that the citizens can shape the accents of Smart City Wil. This is the best way to ensure that municipal digitization serves the benefit of the people.

I would like to express my special thanks to Mag. Juen for his commitment to bringing about the EU project “Sinfonia”. Without the competent and committed support of Mr. Mag. Juen, this project of central importance for the city of Innsbruck could not be pursued.

Establishing an auxiliary service to the brand shows courage, vision and communication skills, according to the jury's statement. Convincing: The optimal combination of logo and slogan "Make the human possible", which is accurate and of high emotional quality.

Andreas Wörgötter



Head of Division at the OECD Economics Department

Mr. Juen specialised in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics and wrote his paper on tradable pollution permits. He impressed by his academic achievements as well as by his ability to take care for his fellows as a “primus inter pares".

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