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Smart Community Dialogue

The Smart Community Dialogue was developed in order to incorporate consultative suggestions and needs of the population.

Consultations with the public enables the development of aspects that the population considers to be important.The aim is to gather the views of residents on the six dimensions of the Smart City Wheel i na survey.


There are two distinguished ways to look at the future: from the present into the future (Forecasting) and from a point in the future to the present (Backcasting).

Forecastig View und Backcasting View

When Backcasting, you describe a desired target scenario and try to identify how best to achieve it. However, in the Smart Community Dialogue we assume that the goal of a sustainable society has already been met. Talking from the perspective of a point in the future when the goal was already accomplished enables you to describe the developments necessary to achieve your objective.


The advantages of the Smart Community Dialogue are that people are confronted with a positive future scenario and not with a choice between the end of the world or a reduced quality of life. In addition, it enables personal and honest answers and avoids pessimistic "no-future" announcements. This way the survey considers which dimensions of the Smart City Wheel contributed to achieving sustainability whilst sustaining a high quality of life.


The survey can be completed in 15 minutes and includes those who would not be able to participate in a workshop lasting several hours.


In perspective discussions with city councilors and department heads, the Backcasting process will ask how big of a role the 18 working areas respectively.  In this process, the assessment of the city management is related to the view of the population.


The added value of the chosen methodology (Smart Community Dialogue) is that the Smart City process is initiated in those fields of action that are most relevant to the population.


Through public participation and awareness-building communication, the emotional connection to the Smart City is strengthened.


Stephan Juen, Smart Community Founder: "In the Smart Community Dialogue, we are expanding the three Smart City layers - infrastructure, digitalization and services for citizens - by a fourth layer: emotion, approval and trust. Because Smart Cities can only fully develop their benefits if you reach people."

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