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Strategy  & Participation


Smart Community supports the setting of strategic goals as a well-founded corporate strategy offers orientation and security. On top of that, it serves as a binding basis for solution-oriented coordination that considers the surrounding environment.

A corporate strategy acts like a hiking map for local authorities, companies and interest groups. A clearly marked path on a good map ensures that the destination is known and reached by all parties involved. Essentially, formulating your strategy is like drawing your path on this hiking map.


Thus, the start of a Smart City process can be coordinated more easily if you first plan thoroughly and define your strategy in a Smart City framework.

Participation and Consultation 

The participation of citizens or other specific stakeholder groups contributes significantly to the success of a project.  But how does one mobilize the citizenry to participate?  What conditions are conducive to success? When does it make sense to switch from participation to consultation, i.e. to an advisory involvement of the stakeholders?


A recent survey we conducted on behalf of the municipal magazine (Soll ich Kommunalmagazins übersetzen? Was genau ist das?) showed, among other things, that 68% would like to see an approach that considers local conditions.


We have developed such an approach tailored to the specific local situation for the city of Wil during the project "Framework Strategy Smart City Wil".

Communication and Cooperation

Through active consideration of the interests of alternative and conflicting user groups, initial resistance of the opposition can be overcome. Furthermore, the overall benefit of the original project and public approval of the core project can be increased.  The decisive prerequisite for this to succeed is the sincere effort to connect interests.


While it may seem time-consuming to take the interests of other user groups into account and to expand the core project to include sub-projects that support their interest, this approach is much less costly and, indeed, less time-consuming than a bureaucratic dispute across administrative and legal instances with an uncertain outcome.


Equipped with appropriate tools and experienced people, Smart Community supports the achievement of strategic goals while at the same time increasing the benefits for the entire community.

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