Smart Community is a non-profit association that promotes a transition to a low-carbon, nuclear-free economy.

Technological innovations offer a broad set of possibilities to make sufficient renewable energy available at economic cost.
With the option of networking productive and consumptive units, digitalization brings forth new aspects of an energy-efficient design of our society.
We understand that people with a natural skepticism towards change tend to be reluctant to adapt to these new possibilities. However, the dangers of climate change pressure people to collectively and consciously shape our future.


The Smart Community works in partnership with all stakeholders in this process and acts as a catalyst.

Barbara Juen-Walder
  • LinkedIn Barbara Juen-Walder

Community Participation Consultant

Finance, organization, administration

Regina Flury_edited.jpg
Regina Flury von Arx
  • LinkedIn Regina Flury von Arx

Senior Consultant

Expert for municipal indicators

Mathias Walder
Stephan Juen
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Senior Consultant,

Community participation

Acquisition, conception, communication

Thomas Klammer_edited.jpg
Thomas Klammer
  • LinkedIn Thomas Klammer

Senior Consultant,

Community participation


philo 6_edited_edited.jpg
Philomena Cede
Fabian Walder
  • LinkedIn Fabian Walder

Junior Consultant

AAL Active & Assisted Living

Junior Consultant,

Public Relations,

Website & Design 

  • LinkedIn Mathias Walder

Junior Consultant,